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Rooftop Movie: Harry Potter 7.1

Summer rooftop movies are all the rage in Minneaoplis before the snow starts to cover up all the patios. Among the rooftop enthusiasts is Brit’s Pub by my house, an excellent English pub with fabulous happy hour, lawn bowling, and now movies! And given that I have yet to see the second to last Harry Potter movie and am still #272 on the library’s waitlist for a loan copy, I was glad Jannine found out they were screening it on Monday. Read the rest of this entry


Food Truck Court

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Normally I “take-a-day” Thursday, but I’ve been meaning to take a Wednesday off instead for some time now. That’s because this summer, on Wednesdays only, there is a “food truck court” in downtown St. Paul. It’s a legit place, it even has it’s own Google Map location! That’s pretty serious.
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Breakfast at Birchwood Cafe

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In the same vein as “take-a-day Thursdays,” my (soon-to-be-no-longer…sadness) officemate, Ally Williams, and I have taken to doing “Friday breakfast at Birchwood Cafe” days. Here’s the skinny on this local neighborhood gem that is not exactly helping me with the “skinny” aspect of my life. Read the rest of this entry