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Rooftop Movie: Harry Potter 7.1

Summer rooftop movies are all the rage in Minneaoplis before the snow starts to cover up all the patios. Among the rooftop enthusiasts is Brit’s Pub by my house, an excellent English pub with fabulous happy hour, lawn bowling, and now movies! And given that I have yet to see the second to last Harry Potter movie and am still #272 on the library’s waitlist for a loan copy, I was glad Jannine found out they were screening it on Monday. Read the rest of this entry


Labor Day Cookout

We’re soaking up the last month of enjoyable (read: bearable) weather in the Twin Cities. I’m not usually a big Labor Day celebrator, but since we have the day off from school and it’s our last chance at some relaxation, Susanne kindly threw together a little cookout. Read the rest of this entry

Music and Movies in the Park

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Summer is great in Minnesota because the people spend 7-8 months holed up indoors, bundled in overcoats and mittens and hats, that when the thermometer starts to read above 50’F they get all “Minnesotans Gone Wild.” That means wild about repairing roads, wild about biking and/or walking everywhere, wild about taking up every inch of patio space during happy hour, and wild about free events in the park. One of the most popular is the Music and Movies in the Park series.
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