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Rooftop Movie: Harry Potter 7.1

Summer rooftop movies are all the rage in Minneaoplis before the snow starts to cover up all the patios. Among the rooftop enthusiasts is Brit’s Pub by my house, an excellent English pub with fabulous happy hour, lawn bowling, and now movies! And given that I have yet to see the second to last Harry Potter movie and am still #272 on the library’s waitlist for a loan copy, I was glad Jannine found out they were screening it on Monday.

We arrived early to get a good seat on the lawn and order some food. Rachel, who is NOT a gung-ho Harry Potter fan, came to join us for some grub before the move started at dusk. I wasn’t super hungry, so I just ordered an appetizer of Scotch Eggs: a hard-boiled egg inside a homemade banger sausage, then deep-fried and served with curry mustard. Quite tasty and not at all greasy!

After dinner, we ventured over to the lawn for the movie, shown on the side of the adjoining DoubleTree hotel. Excellent picture quality because the building is flat (not a flimsy sheet or billboard like at Solera).


Hermione looking good on the side of the DoubleTree

The only unfortunate thing about the experience was that it ended up being so chilly! And it’s only September! I should have brought more blankets…



Ally wrapped in all the blankets. It was 50-degrees that night!


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