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MN State Fair!

Obligatory post about the “Great Minnesota Get-Together.” ‘Nuff said, I can’t even think of a better intro teaser than that.

The Minnesota State Fair (the 2nd largest state fair in the country compared to…you guessed it…TEXAS) has been the talk of the cities the past two weeks. Normally people make comments about the weather (“Soooooooo, how ’bout that snoooooow we’re having, eh?”), but for the past two weeks it’s been about fair food, fair games, and fair vendors.


Minnesotans getting together at the great Minnesota Get-Together

As a veteran of this event by now, going on year three, I went this year with a mission.

The Mission: Eat as much new fair food as possible. Every year a list is posted and people weigh in on the good, the bad, and the (fried) ugly. Ally and I decided to make a list of those foods which sounded most appetizing and then split them all. Sharing allowed us to eat twice as many foods without getting too sick from all the grease!

The Good

In the sweet category, my favorite item was the White Razz Puppy from Fudge Puppies. I actually almost didn’t remember the name of this item because on my list it is simply listed as “Belgian waffle goodness.” That translates to: Belgian waffle batter with white chocolate chips mixed in, cooked on a stick, coated in dark chocolate and topped with Swiss raspberry sauce and whipped cream. YUM! A close second was the Deep-Fried Cookie Dough from Sonny’s Spuds. I don’t think you really need an explanation for that one…In the savory corner, the best item we sampled was Ollie’s Crab Fritters. It was like a crispy crunchy hushpuppy with crab meat mixed in. Gotta love those hush puppies…

The Bad

Less than satisfying were the Jamaican Jerk Fries – somewhat soggy and covered in spicy seasoning. Yes, I know jerk seasoning is supposed to be spicy, but this was a very one-dimenstional kind of spice. Also disappointing was the Fried Alligator, which was not a new food on our list, but something we had to try when we saw the booth on our way into the fair. The pieces were too stringy and tough.

The Ugly

My favorite dish from last year made another appearance this year: Deep-Fried Cheddar Bacon Mashed Potatoes on a Stick. These little fried potato balls are so delicious and come with your choice of dipping sauce (my recommendation: sour cream). These are categorized under “ugly” because they were the last thing we ate that day and probably what threw us over the edge in feelings of overall grossness.

Items not reviewed, but still pretty tasty: Breakfast Lollypops (deep-fried sausage patty with maple syrup), apple pie sandwich, Asian fusion carnitas taco, chocolate-dipped key lime pie. Overall, a HUGE success in completing the mission; I am so thankful for my partner in all things greasy: Ally Williams.

In addition to all the food, there were a few highlight events we took in: Seeing alpacas (but not llamas, unfortunately), Ironjack Timber Team lumberjacking decathlon, and the Doggies of the Wild West Show. But let’s be honest, the real star of the fair is the food. Here are the photos:


First dish: Fried alligator. Thoughts: Ok.


Breakfast Lollypop. Pretty decent, although sausage was a little soggy.


Chocolate key lime pie on a stick. Awesome.


White Razz Puppy a.k.a. "Belgian waffle goodness." Winner: Best sweet food


Allie F. a.k.a. "Fried Cookie Dough Monster?"


Corn statue. Every state fair needs one of these, right?


Multi-tasking, state fair style: Walking and eating roasted corn


Crab fritters and map. What can I say, I'm organized when I'm on a mission! Winner: Best savory food.


Contemplating how we're going to finish off the apple-pie sandwich. Towards the end of the day, Ally and I were having to hype each other up!


Deep fried cheddar bacon mashed potatoes. Just as good this year as last year.


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