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Labor Day Cookout

We’re soaking up the last month of enjoyable (read: bearable) weather in the Twin Cities. I’m not usually a big Labor Day celebrator, but since we have the day off from school and it’s our last chance at some relaxation, Susanne kindly threw together a little cookout.

It actually was a little cool in the evening, and we had to bring blankets and jackets to hang out outside. Susanne found this nice secluded spot in Minnehaha Falls Park, and we had the entire picnic area to ourselves. There were a few hot dogs, lots of chips, cherries, and two batches of s’mores making materials. Susanne and I both had the brilliant idea of bringing s’mores for Rachel, complete with hazelnut chocolate. Hey, great minds think alike!


Sneaky Rachel and Susanne eating s'mores

It was a pretty chill night of just hanging out around a grill/fire in our blankets. Kevin and his friend Tim came with a nearly full bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies from the State Fair. Winners. Here’s to a great kickoff to the new semester!


Grillin' and trying to keep warm...or maybe Kev is trying to keep the mosquitoes at bay with his head scarf?


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