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Puzzle Night!

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I’ve heard that people don’t truly experience the city they are living in until they are about ready to move away. Then, it’s like this sudden urgency to hit all the sights and do everything “one last time” takes over and people squeeze 5 years worth of goodness into 5 hours. That’s kind of like how summer in Minneapolis is for graduate students. It is only when the impending doom of classes, teaching, and research in the dead of the dark Minnesota winters is upon us that we really begin to relish and live up our summertime freedom.

So, in an effort to have some last-minute summer fun, some of us graduate students got together on Saturday night for a little puzzle party. There was beer, Shakira and friends blasting from the Pandora radio station, and one of the economics students even rounded up some cupcakes! The puzzle was only 500 pieces, but it took us about 4 hours to complete. Because it was a drawing of the Santa Monica pier, there were lots of small people, tiny umbrellas, and various buildings to try and piece together. It hurt my head to do it, but I felt pretty accomplished afterward.


500 pieces. We are masters of the puzzle that looks like a Where's Waldo picture gone awry.

Great friends, great fun, great night.


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