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Music and Movies in the Park

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Summer is great in Minnesota because the people spend 7-8 months holed up indoors, bundled in overcoats and mittens and hats, that when the thermometer starts to read above 50’F they get all “Minnesotans Gone Wild.” That means wild about repairing roads, wild about biking and/or walking everywhere, wild about taking up every inch of patio space during happy hour, and wild about free events in the park. One of the most popular is the Music and Movies in the Park series.

Throughout the summer in the various Minneapolis parks (there are God knows how many of them scattered about), the parks and recreation team/board/committee/whatever shows a movie at dusk. The titles range from classics (I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s one night) to new releases (should have seen the Twilight New Moon saga!), family films (The Incredibles) to arthouse weirdness (Blow, which my officemate Ally saw on a date). On Friday, we gathered our blankets, pillows, beer, and almond M&Ms to watch The Princess Bride at the Lake Harriett Bandshell.


Hanging out pre-movie. Pillows are key to enjoying the movie so you can recline a bit, or in my case, take a nap!


The great treat about this particular movie showing was that it was also combined with a musical performance by Chastity Brown, a local folk artist. I missed most of her performance because I randomly ran into someone I knew from a year ago (which is cool in and of itself in a place where I don’t truly feel at home), but I hear she is very good. Once dusk settled in (around 9:30), the crew blew up this huge projection screen and started the film.

Unfortunately, I feel asleep during part of the movie (when Westley is in the “Pit of Despair” and getting cured by that freaky-looking albino guy) and I woke up when I heard a lot of people rustling around. Turns out, it had started raining! Our group of gals didn’t feel any drops though because we were under a great big tree – a tree that I got made fun of for moving too “because of the shade” since there was really no reason to be shaded once it got dark. AHA! Trees protect from both sun AND rain!

It really started pouring down, so the crew shut off the movie and we all had to go home. Oh well, there’s a movie every night of the week in at least 3 parks around town, so I will have plenty more opportunities to see some stuff before they shut down for the summer on September 5.


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