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Twin Cities Open – USA Powerlifting Meet

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Ok ok, perhaps not all my readers are CrossFit or Powerlifting enthusiasts, but I’m going to post about this event because it took up a big chunk of my time today and hey, isn’t that what living the untethered lifestyle is all about? I’m not tied down to anything that makes me leave an 8-hour day at a powerlifting competition???

That’s right! Today I spent my entire day at the USA Powerlifting Twin Cities Open held at my CrossFit gym. Jannine and several other people from her gym were competing in it today, so I thought I’d cheer them on and also help Mike man the front door and sell merchandise. It was awesome and crazy and awesomely crazy. All kinds of people there dressed up in their singlet lifting uniforms, chalked up, compression gear on their knees. People kept asking my why I, as a CrossFit coach, wasn’t competing. Well, uh, because I’m totally not that intense. These people meant serious business!

Other than Jannine (of course), I had two favorite lifters. One girl won her division because she was the only one competing in the “gear” instead of the “raw” division for women. Basically, she wore all this compression gear that supposedly helped her lift, though I think she would have easily put everyone away even without the compression gear. She was about my size (~120 pounds, 5’2ish) and could back squat over 300 pounds. Here’s her deadlift of nearly 300 pounds:


Favorite female lifter of the whole day and first place winner of the gear division.

Uh, yeah, intense.

The other lifter wins my “Mister Congeniality” award, if there’s an award for that in powerlifting meets. Every time he went to the bar, he rallied the crowd, did a little dance step or two, and then got down to business. He cheered for everyone else and gave high-fives all around. And in return everyone cheered and hooted and hollered for him too. It was a great energy and enthusiasm to catch while I was in the gym.

Highlight of the day: Jannine making her 303 pound deadlift. Previous personal record for her prior to today was 275 pounds. Major improvement for her! I was watching her 3rd deadlift attempt and could tell how much she was struggling to get it up. But with sheer determination and fortitude, she lifted that bar, set it down with such control, then jumped with joy and amazement at what she had accomplished. The team of people from her gym all gathered around her with hugs and congratulations, and I’m not going to but I got a little teary-eyed.


Jannine and me after her epic deadlift. Way to go!

Great job to all the athletes who competed today!


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