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Minneapolis Fringe Festival

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Earlier this week, Jannine and I had a rendezvous at Sebastian Joe’s ice cream, hands down the best place to get ice cream in the Twin Cities. And I would know, I’ve tried them all…perhaps a topic for another post. Anyway, while at this rendezvous, Jannine invited me to a friend’s sketch comedy show as part of the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, and I gladly accepted the chance to experience the artsy culture scene!

Quick synopsis of Minneapolis Fringe Festival: It’s 11 days of artsy performances at theatres all over the Twin Cities. Dance, music, plays, comedy, spoken word, you name it. All the performances are picked at random, so anyone can apply and anyone can get picked – depending on the luck of a ping pong ball drawing! I think that’s pretty cool, because who’s to say what is “art” and what isn’t? The performances are all about 40 minutes long, so it’s just this whirlwind of shows. You buy a button for $4, which gets you entrance to any show for an additional $12 each. They also have passes, which I may experiment with next year.

On to the actual show we saw: The title of the show was Animal Farmville, and it poked fun at how social media is changing the relationships with have with people and also with the natural world. It was listed as a “musical,” although after the opening number it took about 30 minutes for another song and dance routine to show up. Still, very funny show with great acting, costumes (e.g., man dressed as huge teddy bear), jokes that reiterated exactly how I feel about social media, and singing that was hilarious if only because it was so terrible (sorry, Hannah and co.). Sixteen dollars seemed like a lot to pay for 40 minutes of my time, especially for an amateurish comedy show, but I bet the pass deal works out to be a better value. Must investigate for next year…

Conclusion: I’d go to Fringe Festival again, perhaps even taking the week off of school to enjoy some of the performances that go on during the day. Invest in a pass, be flexible, and be open to the possibility of finding new talented artists. Well done Fringe Festival staff!


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